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June 05, 2008


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I don't know if you got my email on Friday since I replied to the paypal invoice, but my order was missing one of the chocolate marshmellows. I had ordered 2 of them and 1 of the coconut. The invoice in the package noted 2, but there was only 1.

Everything was delicious though!



Hi, Maggie --

Ooops. And grr. I've made a note of the missing marshmallows, and will send out some more to you on Wednesday. Glad you liked everything!


Thanks, Dawn - it's no problem! Everything tastes terrific! :-)


Hiya! I sent you an email last night....as of today, I've not received my box of 7 sins + 1, and the requested replacement of defective truffles instead of the 2 orders of marshmallows....help? Thanks!


Hi, Deanna -- I just sent you an e-mail, and everything will be on its way shortly.

Nancy Lebovitz

My Gothic Weekend chocolates haven't arrived....what's up?

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