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May 08, 2008


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It sounds like a huge amount of work, but the chocolates were so good! My husband and I enjoyed them all - we've finished our first box. I managed to get in on the 2nd order of them, so I'm excited for more! Get some rest though! :-)


Oh, I'm resting. When I can. :-)

I'm glad you enjoyed the truffles!


Sleep is good. Dog petting is good. No one loves you like your dog.

The chocolates are amazing. Anyone who doesn't order is Very Silly. Fortunately, M. and I have strong personal preferences that are different (me, cherry; him, orange) so we don't have to have a Star-Trek style pit fight over them.

I've also been forever curious about what -real- marshmallow was like, and forever way to lazy to make 'em, so that was a true added bonus.

I like theme ideas. I thought what you are currently doing is fun, but maybe a "marco polo" exotic spices series (or Genghis Khan depending on how the day goes).

Or c'mon, movie themes! I could totally get into movie themes! The Casablanca series goes from north Africa to Paris! How awesome is that.

OK, I'll ge good and shut up now.


hi, didn't get my chocolates. are you delivering in portland at another time?

Mary Crowell

I like Philotera's suggestion for exotic flavors. Like chili maybe! That would be interesting as the 'extra' chocolate in the seven deadly sins package. :-)


I found you through Eric Snider...and I really am craving chocolate now!! I'm all for reader competitions if it involves me maybe getting free food:)
What about a seasonal theme? Like Red Velvet, White chocolate and Bluberry flavored truffles for the 4th?

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