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May 01, 2008


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Do you think you might get some buyers if you held a quick secret sale of experiments that turned out perfectly fine but not aesthetically "pretty?" Might be a way to recoup some losses.



I got my chocolates today and though I haven't tasted every one, what I have tasted has been delicious! Thank you so much! I would definitely buy from you again! :-)

And I Liked the idea the other poster had of doing a sale of the experiments that taste good but don't look as pretty! :-)

Best of luck with your business!



I'm so happy you liked them!

Yeah, the idea of selling the imperfect truffles is appealing, but I also like the idea of only offering the best quality that I can. Sometimes it's best to keep your mistakes hidden from the public, you know? :-)


hi, i was just browsing , looking for a solution for the condensation/ prespiration on my chocolates. Sorry, I should have told you before.I am a chocolatier in India and have been making and selling chocolates from home.I just came across your website and am so thrilled to read it...so familiar and nice to know you too are doing this from home and are passionate about making chocolates.Just wanted to tell you this. The very best for your ventures and how are things going now? Alka.

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